Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

Visit Hang Dong Quarry, also known as the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, to escape the heat of the Chiang Mai Area.

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon’s best attractions are the Grand Canyon hiking and sightseeing, the Grand Canyon water park, the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai cliff jumping, the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai wakeboard, Grand Canyon Chiang Mai zipline, nut here we would give you even more info!

The Chiang Mai Grand Canyon is a former quarry that has transformed into a stunningly beautiful spot for a relaxing day out. It is located in a small village approximately 45 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai.

The canyon is built from red clay soil and is quite a sight to look at, and something a bit different to attach to your normal Chiang Mai itinerary.

Ten years ago, Chiang Mai Grand Canyon was not yet a tourist attraction. Around the time, a group of employees intended to build a pool by drilling the ground.

Even though they decided to do that for a commercial purpose, the pond was nevertheless worthless. It was also abandoned. And as time passed, the pool was flooded with flood and instead transformed into a spectacular sight of magnificent stone walls with an emerald-colored source of water.


Now, it’s incredible tourist attractions that most visitors want to see.

However, it wasn’t quite a tourist attraction when Grand Canyon Chiang Mai was newly opened.

There was, in reality, a law that prohibits swimming in the sea. In Thai and English, there were indications that said very simply, but visitors still liked to jump into the water anyway.

Many people have yet to violate the rule.

The owner decided to change the law from that point forward, turned the place into a real tourist attraction, and allowed the visitors to swim in the lake.


Chiang Mai Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon water park Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Grand Canyon is an aqua park founded in an ancient quarry of limestone. The quarry has been vacant for many years, and the monsoon rains inevitably filled it with water. Because of the natural marvel of the canyon, it became a famous swimming location.

The river is bright blue, and the canyon walls are very steep, so, in the past, you would leap into the water from the top of the cliffs. Chiang Mai Grand Canyon waterpark debuted in August 2016. It includes an inflatable series with hurdles, swings, a short zip line, and wakeboard.

As soon as you arrive at Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, you’ll sound like it’s a water park, but it will look more natural. You will forget your old swimming pool altogether.

You may not imagine yourself being soaked in the middle of dirt walls in a beautiful water source. It’s actually some sort of heaven.

On your holidays, just gather your kids, grandkids, cousins, or friends and set off for Grand Canyon Chiang Mai. There you guys can have a wonderful time together.

For starters, renting a rubber boat and playing with it in the ocean, renting a floating ring for your child, and making him / her swim with you are a bunch of activities.

Only imagine how funny it will be. You’ll feel absolutely good and forget all the stresses.


Tube trek water park Chiang Mai price

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai cliff jumping


You can go’ cliff diving’ from the sides of the canyon into the deep water below to all thrill-seekers trying to get their blood flowing and hearts beating.

For those wanting a more enjoyable day out, you can choose to sunbathe on bamboo rafts or encourage your thrill chasing mates on before they fall, stay cool while you ride in an inner tube, or dive in the bright turquoise waters.

The restaurant serving pasta, cookies, fruit smoothies, mochi ice cream, and beer is on hand. You can also snack from one of the nearby stalls on freshly barbecued chicken or pick up a cooling coconut from.


Grand Canyon Chiang Mai wakeboard


Chiang Mai Grand Canyon


Chiang Mai’s Canyon Wake Park now follows a dozen other Thailand cable facilities, all scattered over Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Phuket.

If Chiang Mai’s world-class hiking and mountain biking weren’t enough to persuade you to include the spot in your own travels in Thailand, maybe adding the new wake park would sweeten the deal.

Thailand has built up as Asia’s most popular destination for roaming wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the last decade thanks to a world-renowned easy-going vibe and warm winter season — right as Europeans, Russians and Americans seem to want to avoid their coldest months.

Cable technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, spurring on something of a renaissance for the wakeboarding nation.

It is now more accessible, more environmentally friendly, and the challenge movement that has evolved alongside this allows it more enjoyable.

Indeed, there are now more than 1000 cable parks in the world, and that number continues to grow as emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia become more involved in the sport.

Now Chiang Mai is also hopping on the wake train, with Canyon Wake Park’s brand new 2.0 cable park, only setting up shop at a great spot 25 minutes away from town. If you’re trying to get fit and have fun on the water as well, this one is for you!

2.0 Networks generally comprise of only two towers with a cable provider running back and forth, and can accommodate just one passenger at a time.

They are progressively favored to full-size cable parks (typically 5 or 6 towers forming a loop and holding up to 10 riders at a time) because of their low initial investment costs and because they are much more available to beginners or riders who want to train hard on a new trick (as it is designed to stop the cable in a case the rider would happen to fall, bring the handle right back to him/her to start a new trick).

Around 200 meters long (a reasonable length relative to most 2.0 systems) and designed by cable manufacturer Spin, Canyon Wake Park provides attractive prices, low fares from $17 (morning pass), to $23 (afternoon pass), and $28 for a full-day pass with entry to the massive water park situated on the same lake. Just choose your pistol and go wakeboard, wakeskate, donuts-whatever your boat floats.

Experience wakeboarding in a unique place called Chiang Mai, the Grand Canyon.

This is probably the best place for our qualified English speaking instructor to know how to travel on a wakeboard. We also provide starters with protective gear and simple wakeboards.

Crystal clear water and unique canyon scenery allow this unforgivable sight.

It’s simple, enjoyable, and healthy for anyone aged six and over.

You will rest on sunchairs after your exercise with an amazing view of the canyon while enjoying one of our delicious Ice tea or fresh coffee.


Grand Canyon Chiang Mai zipline


The primary characteristic of the park is the midwater inflatable obstacle course.

This is close to the courses on TV show Wipeout, so playing with mates is really enjoyable.

You’re going to climb, leap, dive, slide, and hop your way back, and the whole way, you’re going to have huge smiles on your faces.

It is, however, incredibly tiring, so take some breaks to rest, hang out, sunbathe and test out the other attractions of the area.

The waterpark has two zip lines over the water below that span a minimum of 400 meters.

Often in Thailand, we are distrustful of the safety of things like this, but here they seem professional and use quality hardware and harnesses. They are included in the price of admission.


Where to sunbathe in Chiang Mai


North Hill City Resort

Tucked away in Hang Dong, this modern city resort is located on a sprawling plot of land in Koolpunt Ville, the elegant and cool hangout you didn’t know you wanted.

Walk past the wood paneling sleek lofty-ceiling lobby and look beyond to the serene and welcoming infinity pool with the lush green views of the garden of the resort.

There’s also a super sexy pool bar and lounge with casual day beds that you just want to sprawl on with a refreshing drink and a nice snack with mates, or a good book if you choose.

There is also a kid’s section in the saltwater pool, which is shallower and healthier for your young ones, and there are cozy sunbathing beach chairs in the lake so you can rub your toes in the shallows while you get your tan on.

The resort invites all those who want a fun day out and simply enjoy swimming in a stylishly built environment. The perfect spot for a Sunday with a lazy crowd.

North Hill City Resort


Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai

Shangri-La Chiang Mai has converted the swimming pool in the city into a family-friendly aqua frolicking park.

The resort is a large free-form tropical swimming pool, the biggest in town has been decked out to include a cool 20-meter waterslide tower, and all kinds of splash zone water accouterments to keep the little ones super entertained all day long.

Every once in a while, a huge bucket is turned over to bring more spice to the game, and there are fountains, water sprays, sprinklers, and all kinds of gimmicks to keep the children entertained.

The parents can also be blissed out from the pool sidebar with the great service.

Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai



The 2013 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award-winner, Eco Resort on 109 Bumrungrad Road has a massive swimming pool that offers a serene oasis on a 6-acre botanical garden (with all the trees branded as tree-huggers).

Five minutes from the Old City, a 400 Baht day pass here will provide an escape from the summer swell.



Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel

The pool is situated on the 4th floor and can be used by hotel guests and the general public if you buy a pass for 150 baht for the whole day.

The pass requires sauna, fitness club, tub, bathroom, towels, and the swimming pool, of course.

The pool is not Olympic length but is ideal for a relaxed day and has a small shallow area for youth.

This is not the cheapest option, but it’s a convenient spot if you want to spend time at a pool in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel


700 Year Stadium

There is an Olympic Pool at the Seven Hundred Year Stadium about a 15-minute drive along the Irrigation Canal Highway, Route 121, towards Mae Rim.

This is big for anyone who wants to practice swimming intensively because 50 meters is the duration of the lake.

The admission fee is 60 baht for adults, 40 baht for students, and 20 baht for babies, open daily from 8.00 am-8 pm.

There are many other sports within the complex, including shooting, basketball, and golf.

700 Year Stadium


How much is Grand Canyon Chiang Mai?


It costs 450 baht to reach Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, 50 baht to reserve a locker, and 100 baht (refundable deposit) to access the locker door.

To children under 1.20 meters tall, the ticket price is 350 baht and for children under 90 cm, just 90 baht. Both visitors are given lifejackets, and they must be carried at all times.

The fare has no time limit, so you can live for the whole day.

The waterpark includes a bar and a coffee shop.

For an additional price, you can also reserve blankets, helmets, kayaks, and inflatable water toys. The waterpark Chiang Mai Grand Canyon is about 20 minutes away from Chiang Mai City and can be reached by bus, songthaew, or scooter.


How do you arrive at Grand Canyon Water Park?


Chiang Mai to Grand Canyon map


To get to the Grand Canyon from the Old City, take the road on the map, where the two highways met, then moved to the 108 for those of you heading off the map).

Follow south out of town 1141 (this is the central path on the map). You must turn to the 108 right before landing at Chiang Mai Airport in Central Plaza. You’re going to see the bridge you’re converting into an overpass, and the 108 is going to go under the highway.

Turn left into the underpass (108). Travel for 15 minutes or so until you hit the 121. Turn right onto the 121 and travel roughly 5 minutes before you hit the first intersection where you turn left onto 1269. Continue to pass the Hang Dong Golf Club and take the first right after passing the gate.

The Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Waterpark situated just off Canal Road in neighboring Hang Dong neighborhood, providing a welcoming break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Besides the obvious signs as you are near the venue, the mascot of the park is on hand to welcome your entrance, a beautifully-looking giant panda.

Approximately 15 km or a fast 25 to 30-minute drive south of the intersection of Canal and Suthep Highways, the alternately called Hang Dong Canyon is better accessed by independent means; conveniently organized, comfortable and lightest on the bag, a fully automatic 125cc scooter can be hired for a day from 99 to 350 baht while a regular gearless push bicycle can be rented for only 40 to 50 baht per day.

Tuk or red songthaew can be chartered for those without their own set of wheels for the round trip or else one-way with the return journey because of either a registered motorcycle taxi or red songthaew frequenting the area of the Grand Canyon Water Park.


How deep is Grand Canyon Chiang Mai?


It was this region ten years ago that excavated the land to a depth of 15 to 20 meters until it transforms into a large pond.

Over time, there is a huge stream of smart green water with a 3-4 cliff about 20 meters high that appears like the Grand Canyon with the beauty of the place is so enticing to adventure visitors.


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