Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise?


Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise?

Are you tired of looking at the concrete jungle in your cities? Your weekend in Chiang Mai is coming soon? You wonder which would be the best attraction to see in Chiang Mai and when to see it, why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise? Then why not visit Doi Suthep temple and the mountain attractions. Chose Doi Suthep tours at sunrise to live the best experience possible!



What time should I go to Doi Suthep?

The sunrise time and the sunset time are the best times to see the views and the panorama from the mountain peaks and temples.

The sunrise experience, by the way, will offer you a much better all-around impression of daily Thai life, as you will enjoy the quotidian offering time to monks, discovering 3 incredible Buddhist temples, the silent Wat Umong, the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple to see sunrise, the majestic hidden temple (Wat Pha Lad), which you will reach with a short marvelous trekking in the mountain jungle!

Doi Suthep temple hours

At Doi Suthep, the most important attraction, which is the Doi Suthep temple, opens for specific tours from 6.00 AM and close at 9.00 PM. In this way is possible to visit the Temple and the unique viewpoint and terrace at sunrise or at sunset time.

I know the usual question here, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep at sunrise, how to get to Doi Suthep for sunrise?

The answer is simple because it is the best time to visit Doi Suthep,

The Doi Suthep sunrise tour is a perfect choice to get the most out of your morning time at Doi Suthep.

Doi Suthep mountain and Doi Suthep temple

Doi Suthep hike, Wat Pha Lat Hike (Monk’s trail)

What to carry with you for this jungle path?

  • Mosquito spray. Mosquitos in the jungle trek can bother a lot. Taking even 1 photograph can be somehow problematic because mosquitos can be biting anywhere.
  • Drinking water. You’re able to purchase some beverages in the temple, however, you require some for your walking time too.
  • Good shoes. The trek isn’t hard, but it is ideal to have trainers, do not use flip flops or sandals, it would be very uncomfortable.

These types of areas you can just view here at Chiang Mai.

Wat Phalat is extremely mysterious.

The surrounding woods are truly amazing.

Many hours of total relax!

The panic of meeting deadlines for your office and the mounting pressure of life? Find your best moments of relax experiencing Doi Suthep at sunrise, living the atmosphere of the temples and of the Wat Phra That, a beautiful historic temple situated at one of the peaks of Doi Suthep Mountain.

Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise
What is there to do in Doi Suthep? Why you should visit Doi Suthep?

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a temple situated on the mountainside of Doi Suthep. Chang Mai itself is very famous for its beautiful temples and chedis but Wat Phra That is a mystical lore-full place in itself. The way up to the temple is full of smaller areas where there are more temples and places for some panoramic views of the city.

If you are into hiking you can take the trail behind the university up to the mountain it is 306 steps. What tops the cake however is the temple itself the views of the surrounding vista that you get just takes your breath away. The staircase is guarded by a giant naga which runs up the side of the stairways. Once at the top you will find a beautiful ornate statue of a white elephant, yes it is the same elephant that legends tell of which delivered the bone to this mountain.

Doi Suthep temple features and surroundings

Within the temple complex are various temples and shrines that you can visit and take beautiful pictures of as well. There is a beautiful 79-foot golden chedi with typical spiral designs famous in Thailand. The spirals represent the stages of heaven one must ascend to in order for them to achieve enlightenment or nirvana. The chedi itself houses the bone of Gautama Buddha.

The surrounding walkways offer views of the surroundings where you can see the city of Chang Mai from the top and take stunning photos. You can also see the beautiful national park in the surrounding areas. The temple also has within the complex a meditation center where you can learn to meditate and keep calm.

What else is there to see in Doi Suthep?

1. Chang Mai Zoo
The Chang Mai zoo is situated at the bottom of the mountain. It is a nice peaceful place which has all sorts of animals. The zoo is great for animal lovers who actually love to get close to all the animals as you can spend time with a few of them.

You can feed giraffes from high platforms or best of all. You can pay money and spend time with the koala bear which includes taken picture and holding the cute little thing.

Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise

2. Wat Pa Lat

If you want a serene, relaxing experience then go for this small beautiful temple. Walking into the perimeter of the temple you will be greeted by a two-hybrid man and lion guardians. The temple itself is an old pavilion sort which is marked by statutes that are littered across the pathway. The main area is home to many other small shrines and monks who live there.
There is also a tiny waterfall. The entire thing is set in a jungle and looks magnificent. If you veer off the actual path you find a small stone outcrop underneath which you will found a couple of sitting Buddha statues.

Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise

3. Chang Mai Viewpoint

Now even though I have already discussed the beautiful view from the walkways of the temple itself this beautiful point will actually not be littered with hundreds of tourists. Set into the path by the road to the temple this place offers the best view for your pictures of Chang Mai.
There is a patio built there for you to stand on properly and take pictures. The best time I would suggest coming to the viewpoint and the temple itself is definitely is sunrise or sunset so you can get those beautiful hues of golden and orange shimmering down on the beautiful city.

4. Royal Winter Palace

The royal winter palace is the actual palace built for Thailand’s royal family. This palace was built in 1961 and unlike many royal palaces throughout the world, this one is unique because of how simple it is. The grounds host a view cabins and a rose garden. It’s definitely worth a visit but it is sometimes closed when the royal family visit which is generally in the winter.

5. Doi Pui Hmong Village

With Half day Doi Suthep Maew Village tour you can also visit the tribe’s village!

The Doi Pui Hmong village is a must-see especially if you are interested in how the actual locals live in their villages. The Hmong village is home to the traditional Hmong people who live in the mountains with their own unique traditions and culture. It is great to go and see these people who are living a life that they try and balance out with tradition and modern means.

A unique experience of this place is that you can still see the woman wearing their traditional clothes with the long hats and bells tied to them. They even let you try on some clothes if you want to. The younger people are out in the markets selling items at the stalls on the path up the mountain while the older ones that stay in the village are making crafts and just going about their daily lives. It is truly an amazing experience to see these people living a life that is so strange to all of us.

This tours really promise a great experience

Doi Suteph promises to be a unique experience that you can fulfill in your own right. Going up the beautiful jungle path to the temple is a chore in itself but the rewards are great. I have also believed that as a tourist you should visit Doi Suthep more than once.

The first time just goes up via transportation and visit the temple especially during sunrise to capture that magnificent view of the gold shimmering down upon the temple highlighting the various hues within the golden spiral. Or just to see the sunrise or sun over the beautiful city of Chang Mai is an experience you can only get in this place.
All the various sites, natural, manmade and the combination of natural and manmade, together promise to be an experience that will take your breath away.

Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise?
Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise?

Some more info for you!

The temple is surrounded by a beautiful tale of how it was founded. Legends say that a monk named Sumanathera had a dream in which he was supposed to go to a place called Pang Cha and when he did he found a relic that being a bone which was believed to be the shoulder bone of Buddha. The bone was said to possess mysterious powers.

Later on, Sumanathera took the relic to King Nu Naone. The relic once brought to the king actually broke in two pieces and one of the pieces was put on a white elephant. The white elephant traveled to Doi Suthep Mountain and once there it trumpeted three times and died. The King took it as a sign and ordered the construction of a temple.

The first temple was built around 1383. This beautiful temple is both a shrine to Buddha and the Hindu god Ganesh but does not visit just because of the mysterious legend of the temple, visit for the great views you get from the temple. From the top of the mountain, you can see the entire skyline of Chang Mai and it is breathtakingly beautiful.


This is one of those tours that you should not miss, you should visit all these places once in your lifetime. Especially, when you are already on a tour in Thailand you should keep these spots into your to-do list. It is one of those places, where the sunrise can be enjoyed to its fullest you will get to see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset if you follow the tips that are given above.

Doi Suteph takes you closer to nature, away from the hustle-bustle of life. You must be tired of visiting the markets of Thailand that are fun but definitely not peaceful. We would suggest you take this destination at the end of your Thailand tour because you will be enjoying peace and nature. First, you should visit all the markets and get done with your shopping and then move towards Doi Suthep. The temple is worth a visit, thousands of tourists come and visit this place.

The jungle path feels so peaceful and refreshing, it can be the best place for meditation as well. Apart from taking amazing pictures with the sunrise, you can also perform your yoga or morning exercise on the way there. We hope that this piece of writing helps you with your trip to Doi Suthep and you bring back the memories of the breath-taking sunrise over there. Who does not love nature and greenery? You will forget about all the hustle-bustle of the concrete world once you enter the path of the jungle towards Doi Suthep.

Why choose a Doi Suthep tour at sunrise?

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